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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Power Resilience

Power Resilience refers to having the ability to continue your operations without impact from disruption to your power supply.

As we electrify more of what we do, we put ourselves at greater risk from power disruption, which can have significant financial implications. This is not just a risk of a power cut, as there are many types of power disruption that can damage or interrupt your electrical equipment.

Power Resilience

Power Resilience as part of the Energy Trilemma

As one of the three pillars of the energy trilemma and the area the UK scores lowest on the world Energy Trilemma index. At times last winter the UK had an excess capacity of just 6.6% which is considerably lower than the year before. The continual transition to more generation from renewable sources will only increase the risk of blackouts and brownouts in the years to come.

Ensuring your business has built in resilience will be key to ensuring valuable production days are not lost. While Diesel generators can provide back up power, they can significantly increase your carbon footprint at a time when most businesses are aiming to achieve Net zero emissions.

We can provide full power resilience to a whole site through any combination of three core technologies:

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

A site-wide Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with ultra-fast switching to ensure that no electrical equipment on-site is disrupted by fluctuations, drops, or changes in power supply.

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Voltage Optimistion & Regulation

Patented Powerstar technology that can dynamically change the voltage on your site to ensure that it is constant, smooth, and exactly the right value to prevent damage to your electrical equipment and keep it working efficiently.

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With most transformers in the UK being more than 20 years old, ensuring you have new, efficient, UK manufactured transformers removes a major failure risk.

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Uniquely, our resilience technologies can also be used to provide your site with additional applications and benefits. While most UPS power solutions provide just that, our bespoke solutions provide better control over your energy usage, reduce bills and carbon emissions, improve sustainability, and more.

We call this Resilience+

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NHS Hospital in South Yorkshire

Powerstar were engaged to replace a large hospital’s existing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system with a more efficient, intelligent Battery Energy Storage (BESS) alternative.

Wienerberger Ltd

Powerstar was commissioned to replace the site’s ageing transformer with modern, low-loss replacements, that incorporated voltage optimisation technology to provide more stable voltages across the site.

PFF Group

Powerstar identified PFF Group’s aging transformers as a a potential power resilience risk, as well as an area where their energy efficiency could be significantly bolstered.


AESSEAL needed help protecting their operations from power disruptions while driving forward net zero strategies.

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