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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Project Feasibility Studies

An accurate and comprehensive feasibility study can mitigate risk and ensure that your proposed on-site storage or microgrid project delivers as expected. You can  determine the viability of a project, and make informed decisions based on the expected levels of cost and carbon savings, but also that it will function correctly across a range of different conditions.

If you’re looking to use a microgrid to resolve complex infrastructure or grid constraint challenges, an initial feasibility study will give a clear picture of how that issue can be best resolved and the technology required to  achieve your ambitions.

A feasibility study should be the first step taken before any significant energy infrastructure project, allowing for a range of factors that will influence project timescales, costs and end results to be properly assessed and reported on. This includes carefully examining each step of the delivery of a project, including:

Customer Needs

Every microgrid or storage project is different, with customers looking to focus on different outcomes or solve specific infrastructure problems. A feasibility study will help to home in on achieving those goals, from reducing energy costs, substantial carbon reduction, and achieving power resilience, to grid independence and overcoming grid restrictions.

Site and Infrastructure

The nature of a site will often play a role in dictating the best solution. Understanding available space for battery energy storage or on-site generation, the nature of a site’s changing load throughout a working day and how a proposed solution will interact with existing electrical infrastructure is all key to delivering a successful project.


One of the biggest barriers to many energy infrastructure projects is constrained distribution grids.  Understanding any potential issues or objections during the feasibility stage allows solutions to be planned or the correct permissions to be applied for in advance, preventing any delays further down the line.

Costs and Funding

Many green energy projects are eligible for grants or other forms of funding, helping businesses to improve their sustainability without facing prohibitive upfront costs. How a project will be funded, as well as ensuring that a customer has a full picture of any financial support available, is another key part of a comprehensive feasibility study.

The costs of the project feasibility study are dependent on size and complexity of project.

Costs for a feasibility study are dependent on the size and complexity of a project. To find out more, please contact us and the team will discuss your needs and provide a quote. 

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