Polyflor have and still continue to, dramatically reduce their carbon footprint through the use of various energy saving technologies.

The company has recently released an 11 year sustainability review document, which showcases the technologies utilised in their sustainability strategy and the savings achieved from these.

Having worked with EMSc (UK) Ltd for the passed 11 years, Polyflor have installed all 6 of the energy saving products from the EMSc Star® range of energy saving solutions; Powerstar, Airstar, Lightstar, Autostar, Hotelstar and Motorstar.


Situated in the UK’s North-West, Polyflor is a leading manufacturer of commercial floor coverings whom successfully operate throughout the world.

Though Polyflor admit to having “sound environmental credentials and systems in place” they find it extremely important that they continue to build on their environmental efforts.


In the recent 11 year sustainability report, Polyflor announced that the amount of energy required per m² of material produced at their site continued to fall year on year down to 2.84kWh per m² representing a 43% drop since 2000.

This reduction in energy used has been a result of Polyflor’s hard work on the company’s environmental objectives, and has been driven by the success of the energy saving technologies introduced since 2000, including EMSc (UK) Ltd’s Star® range of products.


Polyflor set themselves a number of energy saving initiatives…

  1. Installation of automatic shutdown systems (Autostar) to ensure machinery is switched off when not in use.
  2. The implementation of lighting optimisers (Lightstar) has continued across the site, which produces a saving of around 25% energy used.
  3. Installation of automatic lighting in the offices.
  4. Reducing usage of air (Airstar) and steam during manufacturing operations, and reducing overall energy consumption (Powerstar) has been crucial in identifying unnecessary use and ways to cut the energy required.


The installation of Autostar has effectively ensured the automatic shutdown of Polyflor equipment when not in use whilst Lightstar has optimised the lighting across the whole Polyflor site, reducing energy consumption by 25%.

Further significant contributors of Polyflor’s recent environmental success has come from the installation of Airstar which has made an enormous impact on the carbon emissions normally produced at the Polyflor Whitfield manufacturing site.  Over the course of 5 years, Airstar has reduced Polyflor’s carbon footprint by an impressive 20%.

Polyflor’s installation of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system has similarly produced significant savings from the Whitfield’s site annual energy consumption by 12.8%.


It is truly magnificent to see Polyflor excelling in their carbon reduction regime.  We at EMSc (UK) Ltd hope this inspires others to go that extra mile in effectively reducing their carbon footprint.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, Managing Director, EMSc (UK) Ltd

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