Sweet Savings: HV MAX Case Study

Baked goods case study
With thousands of installations across the globe, Powerstar has implemented its solutions into almost every industry from acute hospitals to cheese makers. Our latest case study covers a fresh baked goods company that identified Powerstar HV MAX as an ideal solution to aid their growing sustainability efforts. The baked...

Enhancing Resilience

In the world of modern manufacturing, with just-in-time processes, total quality management, and high value products, any interruption to the security of supply and the manufacturing process in general can be of significant financial and reputational cost to a company. In fact, a survey by Centrica Business Solutions found...
Energy Storage/Case Study/ March 21, 2019

Charging up for a sustainable future

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As a result of the UK Government’s plan to ban sales of all new solely internal combustion engine powered vehicles from 2040, interest in electric vehicles (EV’s) has heightened in recent years. As part of this increased interest, many commentators have pinpointed hurdles that electric vehicles need to clear...
Energy Storage/Case Study/ January 11, 2019

Reliably rewarding renewables

Renewable firming
With sustainability pressures mounting due to the increasing necessity for nations across the world to act quickly and definitively to prevent dangerous levels of climate change, consumers are favouring businesses that operate in an environmentally conscious manner. Whilst this has been a key consideration for manufacturing and retail industries,...
Energy Storage/Case Study/ November 20, 2018