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Better Oversight of Savings with the Powerstar Energy Savings Calculator


With energy costs continuing to increase, and a difficult winter period still to come, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their electricity consumption and subsequent bills. Last week’s dramatic jump in the domestic price cap provides an indication of the further increased overheads for businesses, but many are left with ongoing uncertainty regarding their future energy costs.

Powerstar’s energy saving calculator helps to provide a degree of certainty in at least one area: the amount of money that could be saved with the installation of Powerstar’s patented voltage optimisation technology.

Requiring only your type of business and a recent energy bill that provides a total consumption in killowatt hours over a given period, this new addition to the Powerstar website can then provide you with an estimation of the amount of savings voltage optimisation could deliver for your business in terms of energy consumption, cost savings and the amount of CO2e removed from your organisation’s carbon footprint.

For a typical large manufacturing business with an annual consumption of 9.7 million kilowatt hours, voltage optimisation would deliver an overall reduction in energy consumption of 530,600kWh. This would eliminate almost 125 tonnes of CO2e from the organisation’s annual carbon footprint, and represent a saving of £265,300 on energy bills based on current wholesale prices. As the winter energy crunch deepens and wholesale prices continue to rise, this level of savings will increase further.

Energy efficiency is a vital tool for minimising the impact of the current energy price crisis, as well as playing a key role in the ongoing need to decarbonise and ultimately work towards a target of achieving net zero by 2050. However you source your energy or offset your emissions, the cleanest and cheapest unit of electricity will be the one that you don’t use.

With a small amount of readily available data on your organisation’s energy consumption, you can use Powerstar’s energy savings calculator now to see the impact that voltage optimisation could have on your business. With energy prices still rising and the specific levels of savings likely only to increase, contact our team to discuss the specifics of voltage optimisation on your site.

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