Welcome to the February 2018 roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you up to date with the latest company and industry news.

1) Powerstar signs framework agreement with Centrica

Powerstar is proud to announce that it has signed a framework agreement with Centrica plc. The terms of the agreement outline Powerstar as a preferred supplier, and highlights a commitment to provide Centrica with storage systems in the rapidly growing energy storage market.

The co-operation between the two companies will support the wider adoption of energy storage solutions in the UK as the nation progresses towards a smart, flexible and responsive energy network.

You can read the full article here…

2) Industry Insight: explore the three D’s of energy storage

Energy storagePowerstar’s latest summary of industry trends explores the three D’s of energy storage, which are defined as decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation as their implementation remains crucial to the acceleration into the future energy landscape.

To explore the impact the 3D’s will have, Powerstar has defined and explained the applications of the terms along with an explanation of their role within the energy landscape.

Discover the 3D’s of energy storage here… 

3) Powerstar secures international patents

Powerstar technologyPowerstar’s latest application to both the European and USA patent offices has been successful. The patent demonstrates how it can integrate its patented Powerstar design as part of an integrated energy storage solution to deliver a complete, behind-the-meter (BtM) energy storage solution.

The new intellectual property further demonstrates Powerstar’s engineering validity on an international scale in addition to ensuring that its intellectual properties are significantly enhanced, and further displays the innovative ethos and commitment to research and development that Powerstar possesses.

Learn more about the patent here…

4) The surging energy storage market


The energy storage industry continues to experience significant growth worldwide, as nations switch to cleaner energy in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.

With the global energy storage industry forecasted to double six times between now and 2030, energy storage is set to be at the forefront of the future energy landscape.

Powerstar continues to deliver its energy storage solution, VIRTUE, to help businesses use energy, both from renewable sources and from the National Grid, more effectively and efficiently.

Check up on the health of the energy storage market here…

5) Listen to the latest LV webinar

Powerstar Sales Manager, Russ Pemberton, delivered a short and informative webinar on 8th February.

The webinar, entitled ‘High Energy Users (LV): are you wasting money on excess voltage?’, explored how businesses can tackle escalating energy costs and reduce consumption. For those unable to attend on the day, there is now a recording available for a limited time.

Access the recording here…

6) Significant savings made by a specialist nutrition company

Nutricia, a subsidiary of parent company Danone, specialises in the delivery of advanced medical nutrition.

As well as health, sustainability is an area of focus for Nutricia, constantly evaluating its environmental impact and seeking ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Working with Central Group, Powerstar provided a Powerstar MAX 1250kVA voltage optimisation system which helped reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Access the full case study here…

7) Knowledge is power!

PowerstarCongratulations to the latest member of the Powerstar R&D team to pass his PhD Viva. That means 10% of Powerstar employees are now PhD holders. Powerstar’s commitment to its customers through product development requires highly educated and skilled staff.


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