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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Case Studies

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The Co-operative Food

Voltage Optimisation technology delivered thousands of pounds of energy savings in Co-operative food stores.

Wernick Group

Eliminating energy waste to achieve their net zero ambition. Wernick achieved savings of 9.2% in Energy Costs & 19 tonnes CO2 per annum

Defence Case Study

All defense sites have critical power requirements and most will ensure that they are able to run independently from the grid by having their own power generation

Parkinson-Spencer Refractories

Parkinson Spencer Refractories achieved protection from Power Disruptions, a 5% reduction in Energy Costs and extra revenue through GridBeyond with a BESS

Viking Fishing South Africa

The Guaranteed savings was exceeded and Viking Fishing South Africa saved 9% on their Energy bills with Voltage Optimisation


Voltage Optimisation helped this company save almost 20% on their annual energy costs and removed 17.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions yearly.

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