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Power resilience for a net zero world

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2 Sisters Food Group






2 Sisters Food Group started out in the early 1990’s and have grown to become one of the leading food manufacturing companies in Europe. They produce branded and retailer own brand pizzas, pies, poultry, puddings, ready meals and ranges of soup. They employ around 23,000 people at sites across the UK and Europe.

Gunstones Bakery at Dronfield, part of the 2 Sisters Food Group, produces a wide range of own label sandwiches, sushi and bread-based products.


Gunstones Bakery was looking for ways to reduce energy consumption, costs, and CO2 emissions. Additionally, they were looking for technologies that could help futureproof their electrical infrastructure and protect on-site electrical equipment.


Power resilience is vital for food manufacturers that risk significant wastage and disruption to operations in the event that they lose power. At the same time, price pressures from retailers and consumers means that it is vitally important they are able to address rising energy bills.

Powerstar was selected as a technology partner to improve their power management in the form of a new, low-loss transformer and voltage optimisation technology. Adopting this new technology both improves site resilience by eliminating a potential point of failure, but also significantly reduces energy bills by increasing efficiency.

Following the installation of three Powerstar systems at Gunstone’s Bakery, Dronfield, significant savings to electricity costs and CO2 have been achieved. Additionally, the on-site electrical equipment is protected from premature burnout caused by high and fluctuating incoming voltage.


A month after the installation, site consumption has fallen by 119kW per hour, a total saving of over one million kWh over a twelve-month period. This equates to a saving of around £61,850 per annum, between 8% and 10% of total energy bills. While also offering much better efficiency, modern transformers also provide far greater reliability and as a result, much better power resilience.


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