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6th Elementary School of Aglantzia


6th Elementary School of Aglantzia is a primary school based in Nicosia, Cyprus. The school is operated by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.

The school opened in September 1994 and admitted 193 students who were taught by 12 members of staff.


The school is open for primary age children so the biggest challenge for the Powerstar Cyprus team was to conduct full and thorough surveys whilst minimising disruption to the normal day to day running of the school and its students.

Sustainability is a key priority for all public sector services and any cost saving allows the annual budgets to be utilised on additional educational resources.


Following full analysis of the voltage profile and loads at the school, Powerstar recommended the installation of a Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation system to reduce, cleanse and optimise the electricity supply to bring it more in line with the specifications of the on-site equipment.

The 60A three phase Powerstar LITE system was installed at a time to ensure there was no disruption to the timetable employed at the school. All testing and commissioning was also done at times to ensure the lesson times were not affected, and the highest health and safety standards were met.


The school’s consumption was tested with the Powerstar system in and out of operation.

The comparison data from the testing shows a saving of 21.7% during the school term week days and a saving of 10.4% over the weekends giving an overall saving of 18.5%.

The savings were then adjusted to take public holidays and school holiday dates into consideration. The savings show an overall annual electricity consumption reduction of 16.1%.

  • Annual Consumption Saving: 16.1%
  • Annual kWh Reduction: 7,227kWh
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 7.42 tonnes

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