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Farming is and always has been about making sure that tight margins are managed in a way that ensures the farmer can reap maximum benefit from their produce.

The challenge

Our client is a pig rearing farm based in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Like many farms that rear animals it is important for our client to control the ambient temperature to maximise output and minimise the occurrence of any disorders.

A great deal of the cost on site is related to lighting and heating for the new piglets. Not uncommonly in rural locations, the voltage being delivered to the farm was well above the nominal UK voltage of 230V.

The Solution

A voltage optimisation system was installed on site and after monitoring the site for 4 months a saving of 12,000kWh was recorded, a cost saving of £1,315.00. An annual saving of in excess of £3,900.00 is expected in the first year alone, giving a payback of less than 12 months

Key Figures
  • Annual Energy Consumption Savings: 36,000 kWh
  • Annual Financial Savings: £3,900


View the Case Study PDF Here


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