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Alphamega Hypermarkets

The Customer

Alphamega Hypermarkets are among the largest and most well known hypermarkets in Cyprus.

Their history started in 1958 and soon became one of the largest Hypermarkets in Cyprus with a reputation of stocking the finest and most varied selection of local and imported products.

The Challenge

Alphamega Hypermarkets was actively seeking effective ways to operate in an environmentally friendly and cost saving way.

The challenge for Powerstar was to demonstrate that it is the most efficient and cost effective system in the Cyprus market capable of delivering the savings expected by Alphamega management.

The Solution

After conducting extensive market research across different energy saving solutions in the Cyprus market, the Management team of Alpha Mega Hypermarkets selected the voltage optimising technology of Powerstar.

In March 2010, a Powerstar system was installed at Alphamega Acropolis Hypermarket which reduced the overall energy consumption on the site, hence reduced both their energy bill and CO2 emissions.

The Business Benefits

Savings in the total electricity consumption of Alphamega Hypermarket Acropolis have exceeded the guaranteed 7.9% saving and achieved an impressive 12.8% kWh saving.

Furthermore Powerstar saved 9.1% in maximum demand (kVA) and enabled Alpha Mega Hypermarket Acropolis to achieve considerably lower CO2 emissions and reduce their impact on the environment.

Following the successful installation of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system at Alpha Mega Acropolis, the management team of the company decided to install the system at Alpha Mega Paphos and Alpha Mega Limassol.

The saving results for both sites exceeded the guaranteed savings.

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