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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Since 1854, AMANN Group has been a leading international manufacturer of high-quality sewing threads, embroidery threads and Smart Yarns. They develop intelligent products, individual solutions and innovative concepts for the market needs of today and tomorrow. In doing so, they combine tradition and innovation into functional threads for a wide range of different applications.


The manufacturing facility was suffering from high levels of electricity consumption and the company commissioned Powerstar to investigate the validity of installing voltage optimisation. Powerstar were asked to showcase the energy reduction, carbon emission and financial savings that could be achieved and provide reassurances that the installation would not negatively affect the production capacity of the site.


Following a site evaluation and analysis the Powerstar team recommended installing a 500kVA voltage optimisation system providing a 6.8% reduction in voltage. Based on pre-evaluation, site visits, data logging and half hour data analysis the Powerstar team were confident that this application would produce significant savings for Amann Group both in terms of consumption reductions and financial savings


The installation of Powerstar resulted in a 17.7% saving in annual electricity consumption and savings in annual electricity bills of £24,000.


reduction in consumption resulting in annual savings of approximately £24,000

Customer Quotation

“Having the Powerstar unit installed and working in less than 4 weeks from placing the order was impressive, but saving £2,000 per month on our electricity bills was even more impressive!”

Graham Hall, Amman Group

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