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Anassa Hotel, Cyprus

The Customer

Anassa is a seamless blend of five-star luxury, classical architecture and inspiring nature.

Anassa hotel is the jewel in Cyprus’s crown: a majestic year-round resort that exudes the charm of a traditional Cypriot village.

The Challenge

The management of Anassa Hotel was looking for a solution that would help the hotel to reduce its carbon footprint as well as cutting the amount and cost of energy used on the premises of the hotel.

Powerstar was challenged to fulfill the needs of the hotel by implementing voltage optimisation and to deliver the results the hotel was looking for.

The Solution

Before making any recommendations, Powerstar engineers carried out a full site survey to identify the electrical loading characteristics at Anassa Hotel.

The process involved calculating the savings that could be achieved and data logging the voltage.

By analysing the data logging information, the optimum voltage for the site was then determined.

The Business Benefits

Powerstar is the only patented voltage optimisation system in the world and its unique design ensures that energy savings are maximised without compromising the supply.

Through the installation of the Powerstar system Anassa Hotel have achieved savings of 10% in energy consumption.

Furthermore Powerstar has significantly reduced the CO2 emissions and helped to reduce the impact of the hotel operation on the environment.

Savings Analysis

Following installation, Powerstar achieved the following results:

Average daily daytime consumption Powerstar Online 24,317
Average daily daytime consumption Powerstar Offline 27,046
Total energy not used 2,729
Percentage saving of total energy 10%
Tonnes Equivalent Carbon not emitted per day (based on Defra 2009 factor 0.001019 kG/kWh) 2.78

View the Case Study PDF Here


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