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Animal Feed Supplier


The client is a supplier of animal feed and other associated products to UK farmers, and started as a farmer-owned company in the 1800s. Today, it covers farming areas all across the UK, supplying ruminant compound feeds and blends, straights, speciality feeds, forage seeds, and additives.


As a company at the forefront of the agricultural sector, the client places high importance on its environmental impact. Due to this, the company is committed to continuous sustainability improvements, including: reducing overall energy usage, increasing fuel efficiency of distribution, reducing waste, and minimising emissions.

Due to this focus on sustainability, and the energy-intensive processes at the core of the business, the client was looking for a proven method to reduce its energy consumption as well as its carbon emissions. Voltage optimisation was identified as an effective solution to achieve this.


Following analysis of the site, Powerstar identified that the voltage supplied was both unnecessarily high for the equipment on site, and prone to fluctuations. Powerstar also found that the 2 current distribution transformers on site were old, and further efficiencies could be achieved by replacing these with newer, amorphous core transformers.

Powerstar offered a combined solution to lower electricity consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and provide energy cost savings through the installation of 2 HV MAX amorphous core distribution transformer with integrated electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation.


Replacing the existing inefficient transformers with a Powerstar HV MAX system increases the efficiency of the HV infrastructure, and the optimisation and stabilisation of the incoming voltage produces significant reductions in energy consumption.

Powerstar provided a guaranteed annual consumption saving of 5.9%. However, savings analysis performed after installation showed that the site is actually benefitting from an annual consumption saving of 7.9%, and its annual carbon emissions have been reduced by 346 tonnes.

Furthermore, by stabilising and optimising the incoming voltage, on-site equipment is further protected from voltage spikes and dips, which can cause problems in the supply and result in the premature burnout of electrical equipment.

  • Annual Consumption Saving: 7.9%
  • Annual CO2 Saving: 346 tonnes
  • Annual Electricity Cost Saving: £119,081
  • Payback Period: 2 years 4 months


View the PDF Case Study Here


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