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Armley Moor Health Centre

Armley Moor Health Centre is one of the many Health Centres across Leeds which are owned by Community Ventures (Leeds) Ltd and occupied by Leeds Primary Care NHS Trust under the LIFT initiative.

Armley Moor Health Centre provides a range of community based health services for patients including health visiting, continence services, contraceptive services, GP, Dental and physiotherapy.

Like many organisations, both Community Ventures (Leeds) Ltd and Leeds Primary Care Trust are dedicated to reducing energy consumption in order to meet strict efficiency targets and improve their carbon footprint.

The Challenge

The Trusts dedication to reduce their environmental impact played the leading factor in the sourcing of an energy reducing technology.

In tough economic times, the Trust were also keen to reduce their operating costs so they can invest more money into patient services.

As a public facing establishment the Trust has a huge responsibility to fulfil in regards to public accessibility. For this reason the selected energy saving technology would need to meet strict energy reduction expectations, be good value for money with an impressive ROI and be unobtrusive of the normal operations within the building.

The Solution

Powerstar voltage optimisation has become one of the leading energy reducing technologies on the market.

With proven experience within the NHS and health sector, EMSc (UK) Ltd (manufacturer of the revolutionary Powerstar) understand associated concerns in regards to shut down of operations.

EMSc ensure that each Powerstar installation is carried out at the convenience of the client, whether that be weekday, weekend, morning, noon or night. This ensures minimal disruption to normal client services.

The Business Benefits

Powerstar was the selected technology for the Trust due to the guarantee of reduced energy consumption and associated financial costs.

The ability to install Powerstar in an efficient and timely manner was also a key contributing factor.

The building has experienced a 7.99% energy reduction since the install of Powerstar.

The annual saving measures in at a 31,452 kWh reduction, having saved 16.5 tonnes of CO2.

Savings Analysis

Figure 1: Average consumption by half hour comparing pre and post Powerstar install

Figure 1 above shows the average consumption by half hourly periods pre and post Powerstar install.

The blue line shows average consumption prior to install and the green line shows the average consumption post install.

It is clear to see a distinct difference between pre and post install of Powerstar at Armley Moor Health Centre. The most significant difference is between the standard 8.30am-4.30pm working hours of the centre although a slight difference is constantly observed throughout the 24 hour period.

View the Case Study PDF Here


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