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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Birmingham Stopper






Birmingham Stopper has a long-established reputation in ensuring high levels of responsible corporate citizenship. The company is constantly seeking ways to lower its environmental and societal impacts and tasked Powerstar with helping them make significant reductions to their electricity usage and carbon footprint.

Established in 1892, Birmingham Stopper provides a comprehensive metalwork service, with specialist knowledge of complex pressings and fabrications.

The company are dedicated to working within a framework which encourages societal, environmental and economic corporate citizenship. It is the strategy of Birmingham Stopper to produce world-class products whilst also ensuring their actions are not detrimental to the lives of future and existing generations.


Birmingham Stopper were looking for a solution that would help the company to reduce its carbon footprint as well as decrease its energy consumption and costs. At the same time, it was important that power resilience was considered, as any disruption to energy supply could have significant cost and operational implications for a specialist manufacturer. Therefore, it was key that any adopted solution did not impact the operational performance of the equipment and machinery on site.


Before making any recommendations and before any of the systems were installed, Powerstar engineers carried out a full site survey to better inform any decisions on which technologies provided the best solution.

Following the site survey, the manufacture and installation of two Powerstar voltage regulation units were commissioned (500kVA and 90kVA) to meet the specific requirements for the site and provide the optimum savings and efficiency improvements.

The Powerstar team worked closely with Birmingham Stopper throughout the project delivery and installation process to ensure all the customers’ requirements were adhered to and no disruption occurred to the site’s manufacturing output during the installation or subsequent operation.


Following the installation, Birmingham Stopper secured savings of 12% on their electricity consumption, as well as a reduction in their carbon footprint in excess of 75 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum. Lower voltages also reduce the operating temperatures of on-site motors and equipment, reducing the likelihood of premature failure and lowering maintenance costs.


reduction in electricity consumption

Customer Quote

“Powerstar are a unique find. They provide simple, pragmatic solutions to reduce energy consumption. Benefits are instant and Powerstar’s confidence in the product is reinforced by guaranteeing the promised savings. If you are serious about energy reduction, we certainly advocate the effectiveness of voltage regulation equipment.”

James Bowyer, Quality Manager

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