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Boardwalk Hotel and Casino






Boardwalk Hotel and Casino offers 5 star hotel accommodation in a prime location just minutes away from the Hobie Beach. Offering 24 hour entertainment, unique dining experiences, and ample conferencing facilities, the Boardwalk is famous for being the only licensed casino in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Boardwalk Hotel is an environmentally conscious hotel, evidenced by its commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance that it outlined in 2018, such as the target of zero waste to landfill by 2020.

Boardwalk Hotel and Casino Hobie Beach


Due to its 24/7 opening hours and the large amount of electrical equipment it operates, the Boardwalk Hotel was an energy-intensive business. Due to its sustainable focus, reducing its electrical consumption alongside its carbon emissions was of high importance to the hotel.

Powerstar was chosen due to its experience of installing in similar businesses. The site evaluation, monitoring and installation processes were carefully scheduled to result in a minimum interruption to operations and guest experience.


After a full site evaluation, Powerstar’s approved regional partner, Powerstar South Africa, recommended the installation of Powerstar LITE, a fixed voltage optimisation system. Its analysis recorded the peak hotel consumption in the summer months as high as 66,785 kWh.


Post-installation analysis of the site has shown an impressive electricity consumption saving of 24%. This equates to an annual reduction in electricity consumption of 643,103kWh and 619.76 tonnes of CO2 emissions, significantly reducing the hotel’s impact on the environment whilst reducing overall electricity costs.


electricity consumption saving

An annual reduction in electricity consumption of


and 619.76 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Showcasing The Results

Following the installation of the Powerstar LITE, the hotel commissioned an independent party to verify the results in addition to the normal measurement and verification process that Powerstar undertakes. The conclusion revealed a 24% consumption saving and determined that the solution was delivering a
significant positive impact on the business.

The graph shows the monthly consumption of the hotel before and after the installation of Powerstar LITE between 2016/17 and 2018/19. Proving Powerstar’s proven history of delivering real, independently verified, energy savings for businesses.

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