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Bolsover District Council


Bolsover District Council is a signatory to the Nottingham Declaration – a pledge from local authorities to address the causes of climate change – and commissioned Powerstar to establish how voltage optimisation would help them to meet their ‘green’ commitment by reducing the Council’s CO2 emissions.

The Customer

Bolsover district in North Derbyshire is situated between Sherwood Forrest and the Peak District National Park at the centre of the UK. It is an attractive business and residential location with high specification industrial and office accommodation and comprehensive business support services.

The Challenge

Bolsover District Council signed the Nottingham declaration in 2007 and has implemented a climate change strategy to tackle the causes and effects of a changing climate on the district. The Council is fully committed to playing its role in the delivery of the essential actions required to achieve energy sustainability in the community and in businesses.

The Council is keen to play its part by reducing its carbon footprint and sought a solution to the challenge of cutting energy consumption – and CO2 emissions – without compromising the supply to equipment in use at Council sites.

The Solution

After consulting EMSc it became apparent that voltage optimisation offered the opportunity to maximise energy savings by controlling the incoming voltage, improve the efficiency of machinery by ensuring that it operated at the loading level it is designed for and that a significant reduction in CO2 emissions would be possible.

The Council commissioned EMSc to carry out a full survey of the relevant Council sites to establish what the savings would be from voltage optimisation. As a result, EMSc recommended that the installation of two Powerstar units – a 250kVA unit at the main Council offices in the centre of the town and a smaller 90kva unit for their Riverside Depot.

The Business Benefits

The two Powerstar units will enable Bolsover District Council to reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 51 tonnes per annum. The cost of electricity used will also be cut and savings of up to £9,774 are predicted each year.

The real time monitoring system – a standard feature with all Powerstar units – will also assist the Council to identify overall electricity consumption and take further steps on their own to make savings through more efficient use of lighting and general equipment.

Quotation From Customer

”We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions throughout the district. This decision highlights our dedication to reducing our own carbon footprint. The projected savings that Powerstar is set to deliver will be a welcome boost towards helping us achieve our energy efficiency targets. It was also ideal to be able to purchase from a local company.”

Councillor Dennis Kelly
Cabinet Member for the Environment, Bolsover District Council

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