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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Bolsover District Council






Bolsover District in North Derbyshire is situated between Sherwood Forest and the Peak District. The District Council is a non-constituent partner member of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority.


Bolsover District Council is fully committed to playing its role in achieving energy sustainability in the regional business network and residential community. The Council identified office buildings within its managed network that could benefit from reductions in carbon emissions through the implementation of voltage optimisation.

After consulting a number of suppliers, it became apparent that Powerstar provided the most effective solution, with greater potential to maximise savings. Bolsover District Council commissioned Powerstar to carry out a full survey on all relevant council office sites, to establish what savings could be achieved.


As a result of the site evaluation Powerstar recommended two sites for installation, a 250kVA Voltage Optimisation system at the main council offices and a smaller 90kVA system at the Riverside depot. Both systems were fitted with an HMI (Human Machine Interface) which provides a real-time monitoring system for the Council, enabling the identification of overall electricity consumption.

This also allows Bolsover District Council Facilities Managers to take further steps to reduce electricity costs through identifying where additional savings can be made on lighting and general equipment


Powerstar’s installation was able to save Bolsover District Council £9,774 per year on their energy bills and reduce their CO2 emissions by 51 tonnes

Annual CO2 emissions reduction of

51 tonnes

and a financial saving of £9,774

Customer Testimonial

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions throughout the district. This decision highlights our dedication to reducing our own carbon footprint.

The projected savings that Powerstar is set to deliver will be a welcome boost towards helping us achieve our energy efficiency targets. It was also ideal to be able to purchase from a local company.

Councillor Dennis Kelly, Cabinet Member for the Environment, Bolsover District Council

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