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Powerstar voltage optimisation systems have been successfully installed into one of the UK’s largest building society groups, delivering annual energy consumption savings of 22%.

The Challenge

As with all building societies in the UK, our client was striving to achieve a sustainable financial performance whilst making a positive impact on their communities. Improving energy efficiency was identified as a specific measure that would contribute to both these targets. Powerstar were able to offer a fully supported engineering approach to help the building society meet these challenges, and by offering a site by site evaluation and analysis were able to establish the most effective solution. As Powerstar systems are manufactured bespoke for each site, and tailored to meet the unique requirements of each individual building, the building society were reassured that the best engineering solution was being adopted to contribute to their corporate responsibility challenges.

The Solution

Powerstar voltage optimisation systems are market leading solutions, which are fully designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest recognised British quality standards. Powerstar optimises the incoming voltage to a building, matching it closely to the load profile and electrical characteristics of the site; to reduce electricity consumption, cut carbon emissions and save on electricity bills. As a unique, patented solution Powerstar also offers additional benefits of cleaning and conditioning the power supply to improve power quality issues and increase life expectancy of electrical equipment. The Powerstar team offer a full concept to completion, turnkey solution, and were able to work with the building society to ensure that the installation of Powerstar was completed with no disruption to business operations and carried out within the clients parameters. Following installation the Powerstar team continue to offer full after-sales support to the building society and working alongside them to ensure maximum savings are being achieved, and all installations are future-proofed.

Key Figures
  • Annual Consumption Savings: 22%
  • Annual Carbon Emission Savings: 9.1 tonnes
  • Payback Period: 2 years 3 months


Energy Saving Benefits

Powerstar contributed to the reduction in overall energy usage for the building society of over 1.5 million kWh. The equivalent of the energy used by over 350 UK households a year.

View the Case Study PDF Here


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