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Calzaturificio Europa, Italy


As one of the increasing number of global regional partners PmiTech of Naples, an established energy consultation company for industrial and corporate clients, has benefitted from the Powerstar Partner Programme (Strategic Partner Scheme) which assists and supports regional partners to grow and drive the Powerstar Best Practice Portfolio of Energy Saving Technologies and help cement the ethos of working together in partnership for all parties’ mutual benefit and continued success. In a trusted advisory capacity they consult commercial real estate property owners, industrial SME’s, retail chains and property management firms offering energy assessment and auditing, project evaluation, finance packages, installation and integration management and in-house design services.


A long and established client of PMITech, Calzaturificio is a quality shoe manufacturer based in Naples. The company was started in 1890 and has continued the tradition of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Calzaturificio has invested in cutting edge technology and uses the best available materials to ensure they are producing goods to the highest standards.


The average incoming voltage to the site is 235V whilst the machinery operates at its most efficient at around 220V. A fixed 179kVA Powerstar voltage optimisation system was recommended to correct the overvoltage of 15V. As part of the Proof of Concept Trial an Under Voltage Controller System was included and in conjunction with PowerstarItalia’s unique Cloud Based remote monitoring and control platform the system was switched automatically “In & Out” of savings mode to accurately establishing the savings. A sophisticated software algorithm was used to validate the savings at 12%.


Since its installation in early February 2016 the site has continued to benefit from a 12% reduction in electrical consumption with no reported issues to production or site equipment. Additional Power Quality improvements include improved Power Factor, reduced Harmonic content and suppression of Transients.

  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Overvoltage removal: 15V (235V – 220V)
  • Verified electrical KWhr savings: 12%

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