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Stork Brothers Limited, founded in 1863, specialises in the processing of woollen and synthetic fibres used in a range of textiles. The company operates from its Huddersfield facility which comprises blending, carding, spinning, winding and twisting operations along with warehousing and office facilities. The company sought to lower its energy costs and tasked Powerstar to reduce electricity consumption through power optimisation.


Stork Brothers manufacture textile yarns, both from natural and synthetic fibres, on the woollen system. End products made from the yarns, by either weaving or knitting include office and contract upholstery, blankets, apparel, special Donegal fabric and industrial textiles. The company is internationally recognised as a market lead in the woollen yarn sector, exporting a large proportion of its production overseas. The company currently has a production capacity of up to 30 tonnes of yarn per week.


Daily electricity consumption was measured at 8,832kWh during the trial period. The challenge was to see whether voltage optimisation to the incoming voltage to the company would provide a solution that would lower this rate, without compromising the integrity of the equipment and machinery on site.


A Powerstar 500kVA unit was installed at Stork Brothers to achieve a 6% voltage optimisation. As a result, the daily electricity consumption level was reduced to 7,669kWh during the trial period. Savings in the total electricity consumption at the site amounted to 13.1%.


Through the installation of a Powerstar unit, using a 6% voltage optimisation, savings of 13.1% were achieved in total electricity consumption. In financial terms, this related to approximately £23,000 per year. Stork Brothers have also been able to reduce their carbon footprint, meet their CCL (Climate Change Levy) targets and improve the running performance and life expectancy of machinery.


“A 13% reduction in our total electricity consumption, based on our suppliers data is an excellent result, which will allow us to not only reduce our energy costs but also meet our CCL targets.”

John Fleming
Director, Stork Brothers Limited.

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