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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Carlinghow Academy






A primary school situated in West Yorkshire, with 340 pupils. Carlinghow Academy (Formerly Carlinghow Princess Royal) provides teaching facilities for all primary school academic key stages from ages 3-11.


The school are committed to reducing their impact on the environment, and are focused on cutting carbon emissions without interrupting the schools daily routines. Word of mouth from colleagues at other local schools – who had already benefited from installation of a Powerstar voltage optimisation system – led to the management team inviting Powerstar to visit the school and conduct a free-of-charge site survey to assess the guaranteed savings Powerstar could deliver


After assessing the site voltage profile and electrical load characteristics, the Powerstar team identified that installation of a Powerstar voltage optimisation system would provide guaranteed minimum savings of 10%. These minimum savings would be achieved by effectively reducing the incoming voltage to the site to more accurately match the profile of the electrical equipment, thus ensuring no negative impact to the business. In addition, the Powerstar system cleans and conditions the incoming power supply so the school would benefit from reduced harmonics and improved power quality.

The fact that Powerstar is fully designed and manufactured in the UK, has a wealth of previous installations and references and is backed by a 15 year warranty and 100% savings guarantee reassured the school that this was an ideal solution to reduce their carbon emissions.


The system was able to outperform the guaranteed savings of 10%, and is delivering an impressive 15.2% savings on annual electricity consumption.

Annual electricity consumption savings of


Which equates to an annual saving of 26,604 KwH

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