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Carlinghow Princess Royal School


Carlinghow Princess Royal Primary School are aware of their corporate responsibility to reduce carbon emissions and sought a reliable solution that would allow them to reduce their impact on the environment without affecting the high level of facilities available for the pupils.


Carlinghow Princess is a larger than average primary school situated in West Batley, an area with considerable social and economic disadvantage. Even in such hard times however, the School recognises the importance of investing in energy reducing technology as a means of reducing both carbon emissions and electricity costs. The school also takes pride in teaching its pupils about electricity and how to be safe using electrical items.


Like many other Schools, Carlinghow Princess Royal Primary are committed to helping protect the planet and preventing climate change. The School was therefore looking to make a considerable reduction in their carbon footprint without interrupting the School’s daily routines and energy using exercises. Powerstar were invited to the School to assess how voltage optimisation would reduce most importantly CO2 emissions, and energy spend as well.


Carlinghow’s main priorities are environmentally focused and Powerstar was able to guarantee that the installation would achieve a 10.1% saving on CO2 emissions and energy costs based on an annual load of 162,102kWh.

The system was able to outperform the guaranteed savings and an impressive 15.2% was achieved.

These savings from the Powerstar system are pivotal to Carlinghow Princess Royal Primary School achieving their carbon reduction targets.

The School was keen to support British manufacturing and were delighted that Powerstar offered a UK manufactured voltage optimisation solution with an efficiency rating of 99.1%. Meaning they are getting the highest quality in the voltage optimisation market, made locally under stringent manufacturing standards.


Based on the 15.2% savings, Carlinghow Princess Royal Primary School have saved 4,434kWh in just two months.

This is a significant saving and shows Powerstar to be an all round healthy investment that is helping the School reduce their impact on the environment.

Figure 1 above shows the actual consumption pre install and post install and the model of what consumption would have been at baseline efficiencies. The difference between the model and post install actual consumption shows that there are clear savings being made after Powerstar was installed.

View the Case Study PDF Here


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