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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Charles F Stead






Charles F Stead are a traditional family business, passionate about making fine suede leathers. They have built long-standing relationships with many of the finest shoe and bag manufacturers in the world. With more than 100 years experience in the
leather industry, Charles F Stead combine English tradition with the expertise of a family run leather tannery in Leeds to provide unique and distinctive products.


Charles F Stead are strong ambassador of sustainability and are committed to improving their environmental performance. As part of their overall environmental management system, Charles F Stead sought to reduce their carbon emissions and cut their impact on the environment without reducing operational capabilities.


After a thorough evaluation of the site, the electrical machinery and the electrical profile and consumption, the Powerstar team recommended the installation of 2 x voltage optimisation systems on the tannery supplies. The installations were carried out by Advanced Electrical, a Powerstar installer, who ensured the work was carried out with minimal disruption to business operations.


Two voltage optimisation installations are saving Charles F Stead in Leeds a total of 20.74% on their annual electricity consumption.


annual reduction in energy consumption

Customer Testimonial

“We saw voltage optimisation as a major step in our continual need for improvement on our environmental performance. We are very pleased with this energy reduction, which not only help our targets, but has a significant impact on our costs too.”

Colin Hodgson, Operations Director

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