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Chesterfelt Group Ltd


The incoming power at the Chesterfelt Group Limited facility in Derbyshire is supplied through a 500kVA LV (Low Voltage) transformer. The company – a manufacturer and distributor of specialist roofing membranes sought a solution through Powerstar to reduce its overall energy consumption.


Chesterfelt was established in 1978 and remains an independently owned company that manufactures and distributes roofing membranes throughout the UK. The company prides itself on its ability to provide a quality service in an industry where reliability is paramount.

The company operates from a self-contained manufacturing and warehousing facility in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Chesterfelt’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by approval of ISO 9002 and the award of British Board of Agrément Certificate on a wide range of products. In February 2003 the company was awarded ISO 9001 (2000 Quality Management System).


The incoming power at Chesterfelt Group Ltd is supplied through a 500kVA low voltage (LV) transformer. Power consumption on the company’s site is dependent on two factors, the site voltage and the current drawn by the electrical equipment. When measured, the voltage averaged 241V. Powerstar identified that due to the nature of the company’s load a power optimisation of 5% would be carried out. The challenge was to turn this into a reduction in energy consumption and reduction of electricity cost through the installation of Powerstar voltage optimisation system.


A 500kVA Powerstar unit was installed at Chesterfelt to optimise the voltage to more accurately meet the needs of the equipment on site. The result has been to reduce the average working day power consumption from 3801.0kWh to 3424.6kWh after the installation of Powerstar representing a 9.90% saving. At the weekend average power consumption fell from 3075 kWh to 2773kWh – a saving of 9.82%.


Through voltage optimisation Powerstar has reduced the total electricity consumption at the Chesterfelt site by 9.9% (based on the company’s ½ hour data provided by their electricity supplier and represents the average consumption five working days before and after Powerstar installation). This equates to an annual reduction in electricity consumption of 129,648kWh or 55.7 tonnes of CO2.

When combined with a reduction in the CCL (Climate Change Levy) the total electricity savings that could be achieved amounted to £10,075 per annum.

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