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Continental Cars, South Africa


Continental Cars is one of the longest-serving independent BMW Dealerships in South Africa. The dealership has won the very prestigious BMW Dealer of the Year award an impressive six times since 1999.

Founded in 1962 the dealership has outgrown its original location and after several moves is now based in a spacious showroom in Greenacres, Port Elizabeth.

The Challenge

Continental Cars are one of the most prestigious dealerships in South Africa and customer experience and satisfaction are their top priorities.

The challenge for the Powerstar team was to accurately evaluate the site load and voltage profile without impacting on the outstanding service and day to day operations at their showroom.

The Solution

Following a thorough site evaluation, load analysis and voltage evaluation, the maximum site voltage was recorded as high as 248.8V with the average voltage not much lower at 245.3V.

With a high but relatively stable incoming voltage the installation of a 200kVA Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation system has reduced the voltage by 25V.

Savings and Benefits

Following installation the dealership achieves 3.4% higher than the guaranteed savings at an incredible 13.6%.

With the over-voltage corrected Continental Cars are not only saving on their electricity consumption but are also benefiting from reduced wear and tear and longevity of their electrical equipment culminating in reduced maintenance costs.

Key Figures
  • Guaranteed kW Savings: 10.2%
  • Actual Annual kW Savings: 13.6%
  • Actual Annual kVA Savings: 19.5%


View the Case Study PDF Here


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