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Coombe Fisheries Ltd






Coombe Fisheries Ltd is a leading seafood processor based in the South West of England. Formed in 1980, it is a local, family business that has achieved consistent growth through developing and sustaining long term partnerships with both customers and suppliers. The company currently employs 135 people at its custom-built production site in Barnstaple, Devon. Main activities include the processing of king scallops, whelks, cuttlefish and sprat and the global supply of these products from local restaurants via continental hypermarkets to buyers in the Far East


Sustainability and the Environment are very important to Coombe Fisheries, only sourcing product as far as possible from vessels that hold the Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme award. Large-scale recycling also takes place on site with all plastics and cardboard compacting on site and passed to local recycling plants.

Following the installation of Solar PV, Coombe Fisheries were looking for a quick-to-install solution, with minimal disruption that would help reduced energy consumption on site and their carbon footprint and meet their Carbon Emissions targets. The site was also having continual problems with brownouts, affecting key operations and productivity.


After accessing the site and the objectives of Coombe Fisheries of reducing energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions. We recommended an installation of our Voltage optimisation system.


Following the installation of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system, brownout issues on the site were reduced. The unit was installed with minimal disruption to operations, reducing energy consumption on site by 14.0%.


reduction in energy consumption

and a reduction in brownouts

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