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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Copeland Borough Council






Formed in 1974, Copeland Borough Council in Cumbria is based in the most north-western county in England, and is extremely passionate about environmental sustainability, encouraging individuals and communities to contribute to these efforts. By means of making their own contribution to sustainability, Copeland Borough Council turned to Powerstar to implement technology to reduce the emissions associated with their energy usage.


Copeland Council had already identified their voltage supply as an area where their overall energy management strategy could be improved. Recognising the potential to save on energy costs, reduce emissions and bolster resilience, Copeland Council were actively exploring energy optimisation options when they approached Powerstar. It was important for the council to source a reliable and secure system that could demonstrate high efficiency and low failure rates over a large number of local authority installations.


After a full site survey, it was determined that the installation of Powerstar’s voltage optimisation technology could reduce the Council’s incoming voltage to a level more appropriate for on-site equipment.

Alongside saving energy and money, reduced voltage lowers the operating temperature of motors and other equipment, extending the life and improving the reliability of on-site electrical equipment.


The installation of Powerstar’s voltage optimisation solution at Copeland Borough Council has demonstrated an energy saving of 59,760 kWh per annum, and as a result of this, 32.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be saved each year. This annual saving is the equivalent to the CO2 produced by driving 98 thousand miles in a car or heating a home for five years.


energy saved per annum


“The voltage regulation system is a great example of a change that we can make which helps the environment and saves money without any effect on the services we provide. By making this change, we can reduce the amount of energy we use in the building, yet still operate all of the same technology and systems that we currently use.”

Councillor Allan Holliday, portfolio holder for the environment and sustainability

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