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Cotswold Leisure Centre






Cotswold Leisure Centre, based in the town of Cirencester, is owned and managed by Cotswold District Council. A multi-purpose community facility the leisure centre features two swimming pools, a fitness centre, a gymnasium, a sports hall, squash courts, health suite, spa area and a physiotherapy clinic


The Council’s ‘Carbon Management Plan’ places priority on sites under their management making substantial cuts to carbon emissions, in line with an overall approach to reduce the environmental impact on the area. The Council targeted the leisure centre to improve its energy efficiency and cut costs through lower electricity charges. Powerstar were challenged to establish whether the level of savings voltage optimisation could achieve at the site would offer a cost-effective solution.


After a site evaluation and load analysis, the Powerstar team identified that a 286kVA Powerstar system would most efficiently match the electrical profile of the site, resulting in quantifiable savings. A key additional feature of the Powerstar system that was important to the Leisure Centre management team was the HMI (Human Machine Interface, an integrated monitoring and targeting tool that would allow close monitoring of overall usage and take further steps to reduce consumption; this could be as simple as turning off lighting.


The Powerstar system was installed with no disruption to the centres operations and is providing savings 24/7 with no negative impact on visitor experience.

The annual consumption savings per year are 8% resulting in an annual saving of £7,800 and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 54 tonnes per year.


Annual consumption saving

& An annual saving of


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Customer Testimonial

“The introduction of the Powerstar unit at the Leisure Centre building is a significant contributor to Cotswold District Council’s energy saving programme. I am particularly pleased that we have reduced costs while contributing to our carbon emission goals.”

Councillor Mark Tufnell Cabinet Member for Environment & Communities Cotswold District Council

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