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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Flexiform Business Furniture






Flexiform is a leading manufacturer and supplier of office furniture, office storage and office seating equipment. Along with manufacture and supply of furniture, the company also offer an office interior design and installation service.


Flexiform has a production line that operates 24 hours a day and consumes a significant amount of energy. The company were looking for solutions which could effectively reduce electricity consumption levels without impacting the production line or manufacturing output. After careful research and analysis voltage optimisation was identified as a relevant technology, and following an industry evaluation Powerstar was chosen to provide the right solution for the manufacturing facility.


After a site evaluation and load analysis, it was identified that a 300kVA Powerstar voltage optimisation system optimising the voltage from 241V to 223V would provide the most effective solution for the site, and result in quantifiable savings. Due to it’s unique design Powerstar also provides total phase balancing and filters harmonics from the supply


This 300kVA Powerstar voltage optimisation system Installation gave Flexiform an annual reduction in energy consumption of 11.3%, and a return on investment timeframe of under 2 years.


annual reduction in energy consumption.

Customer Testimonials

“We have been delighted by both the savings as well as the service provided by the Powerstar team. With an actual payback of less than two years, Powerstar has shown to be an investment that is hard to beat.”

James Downs, Finance Director, Flexiform

“The Powerstar installation has been painless and has achieved more as a single project than any other energy-saving project we have carried out. I highly recommend Powerstar to the industry.”

Roy Evans, Engineer Manager, Flexiform

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