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Goody’s, Greece


Goody’s is the largest chain of modern restaurants in Greece. EMS Cyprus assessed the suitability of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system at the Goody’s Sykies restaurant in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, in a bid to reduce the restaurants electricity consumption, energy bills and associated CO2 emissions.


Goody’s Restaurants aim to adhere to the traditional values of Greek cuisine within a modern restaurant environment. Their menu is based on the values of the Mediterranean diet – with olive oil featuring as a key ingredient throughout. As a company therefore, Goody’s feel a responsibility to take care of its customers – and this is further affirmed by their motivation to look after the environment.


EMS Cyprus was commissioned to assess Goody’s Sykies in Thessaloniki for the suitability of Powerstar voltage optimisation. During the test period the average daily electricity consumption at the site was determined to be running at 790kWh. The challenge was to identify the level of voltage reduction and optimisation that could be achieved on the supply to Goody’s Thessaloniki, and the resulting level of savings in electricity consumption.


The installation of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system provided 7.87% savings on electricity consumption. Also, poor power quality issues were addressed as harmonic distortions were improved. The installation of just one Powerstar unit enabled a reduction in the average daily electricity consumption from 790kWh to 737kWh.


A 7.87% reduction on total electricity consumption will provide Goody’s Sykies in Thessaloniki with a significant cost saving per annum. In addition there are also savings in the maintenance and replacement costs of site based equipment as a result of matching the voltage more closely to the original design characteristics. The restaurant has also reduced its carbon footprint by using less energy.


“The savings at Goody’s Sykies have provided the restaurant with lowered electricity bills, together with minimising their impact on the environment. It is of paramount importance that large companies utilise technology like Powerstar voltage optimisation systems as a part of their overall carbon reduction strategy in order to lead the way to a greener future.”

Kyriacos Michael, EMS Cyprus Business Development Manager

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