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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Hydes Brewery






Hydes are an independent UK brewer based in Salford, Manchester, with over 150 years of history. The company’s brewery is dedicated to the production of cask ales. Hydes also operate around 60 pubs in the north west of England and their public house portfolio includes food houses, local establishments, and city centre venues.


Hydes moved into new premises in December 2012 and operate one of the most state-of-the-art brewing plants anywhere in the UK. The average incoming voltage to the new site was logged at 243V, way above the nominal average resulting in high levels of electricity consumption. Hydes were keen to address the over-voltage and reduce their impact on the environment, but sought a solution that could achieve results without impacting the production process or affecting any of the equipment at their new, modern facility.


Powerstar offered a concept to completion service, and set out a fully supported, turnkey solution to Hydes which provided tangible reductions in energy consumption and guaranteed savings, through implementing voltage optimisation technologies. Following an analysis of the voltage profile on site, logging of electricity consumption and understanding the production process at the facility, the Powerstar team recommended a 114kVA Powerstar VO-LITE system with a 15V reduction in voltage.


The installation of the Powerstar LITE system at Hydes Brewery will continue to reduce annual electricity consumption by 19,664kWh per annum, equating to guaranteed annual consumption savings
of 7.9%. The installation was carried out with no disruption to the facilities production levels and as a result of optimising, cleaning and conditioning the power supply, there is less wear on the on-site equipment.


annual reduction in energy consumption.

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