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Derby City Council is aiming to reduce its carbon emissions by 25% by 2013/14 as part of a ‘Climate Change Strategy’.

The Council already recognises the benefits that voltage optimisation will bring them in terms of reducing electricity consumption, lowering overall energy costs and cutting the size of their carbon footprint. Three Council sites were therefore chosen to receive voltage optimisation systems and the Council held a tender process for each site to enable it to select its preferred system/supplier.


Derby is the UK’s most central city with 80% of the population living with 2 hours and 6 million people living within 1 hour. It is situated in iconic countryside including the Peak District and the National Forest. The Council has 12,000 full and part-time employees and is committed to reducing carbon emissions arising from the Council’s own services and, through community leadership, the City as a whole.


Three sites were identified by the Council for voltage optimisation installation the Council’s Eagle Centre market (Now the Intu Centre), the Council’s Environmental Services Parks Management depot and the Market Hall were chosen to receive voltage optimisation. The challenge to Powerstar was to demonstrate that it is the most efficient and cost effective system capable of delivering the savings expected by the Council.


Powerstar demonstrated that its qualities as the most efficient voltage optimisation in the UK with an efficiency rating of 99.91%, the fact that it is the only system designed and manufactured in the UK – allowing a flexibility of design to meet the most exacting and unique requirements of each installation location, together with the Real Time Monitoring system made it the ideal solution.

Powerstar is set to save the Council in the regional of at least £10k per annum in electricity costs with the system installed at the Eagle Centre market set to cut electricity consumption by 14.6%.


In addition to the £10k financial savings in electricity costs from a 128,972 kWh reduction in consumption, Powerstar will also lower the level of carbon emissions by 69.2 tonnes. This clearly demonstrates the value of Powerstar as a key contributor to the Council’s overall energy savings strategy.

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