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James Dyson Ltd


Founded in 1860, James Dyson Limited is a loose stock dyer of wool and all types of synthetic fibre for the carpet, upholstery and apparel sectors. Based in Huddersfield, the company’s mill is capable of dyeing 95 tonnes of material per week.

The company is constantly seeking ways to lower its energy costs and challenged Powerstar to make a significant difference to their electricity usage.

James Dyson is a long established loose stock dyer providing an excellent service to the textile industry.

Much of its capacity today is directed on the carpet industry and the company has many years experience of the technical requirements of this sector.

The company has a customer base throughout the UK and Ireland and is also an exporter to Denmark and other European countries. A large proportion of what the company dyes is exported in carpet or cloth form to companies across the world.

The Challenge

The company pays close attention to environmental issues and is a member of the Carpet Industry Environmental Network.

Finding a solution that would help the company to reduce its carbon footprint as well as cutting the amount and cost of energy used at its mill was therefore an essential factor for any solution.

Powerstar was challenged to establish whether voltage optimisation would deliver the results the company was looking for.

The Solution

Following a site survey one Powerstar unit was installed at the James Dyson facility.

The results are impressive – a reduction in the total electricity consumption by 16.3%.

Similarly, a measurement of the Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) before and after the installation of Powerstar showed a reduction of 11.2% during the monitoring period.

The Business Benefits

Over an averaged 10 working day period a comparison of the supply maximum demand with and without voltage optimisation (5 days before and 5 days after installation) demonstrated an average percentage electricity kWh reduction of 16.3%.

Not only has this cut expenditure on electricity, it is also helping James Dyson meet its CCL (Climate Change Levy) targets, and reduce its CO2 emissions.

Maintenance costs on machinery are expected to fall as a result of running at the correct load while the lifespan will be extended.

Quotation From Customer

“Reducing our energy costs has always been a challenge and installing the Powerstar system has not only cut our costs by 16% but has helped us in meeting our CCL targets.”

Howard Gledhill
Managing Director, James Dyson Limited

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