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Kefalos Beach Tourist Village, Cyprus


Kefalos Beach Tourist Village is part of the Kefalos group of Hotels in Paphos, Cyprus and was established in 2000 after the Group commenced activity in 1990. Kefalos Beach Tourist Village was one of the very first tourist villages in the region of Paphos and is one of the most popular villages of the Island.

The Challenge

Kefalos Beach Tourist Village meets existing environmental laws and regulations, but also go beyond this and seek techniques and approaches that will position them ahead of their competition.

Some of their actions to achieve their commitment is to comply with relevant environmental legislation and take a proactive approach to future requirements and obligations, conserve natural resources through the responsible use of energy, water and raw materials, but also maintaining the quality of services that is expected by guests .

The Solution

The management team of Kefalos beach tourist village upon searching for the ideal solution to enhance its environmental policies deiced that EMSc (Cyprus) Ltd fulfilled all of their prerequisites. The engineers of EMSc (Cyprus) Ltd performed a site survey and recorded the electricity data at the premises of Kefalos Beach tourist village and proposed the installation of a Powerstar 719KVA.

Savings & Benefits

Key Figures

  • Reduction in energy consumption: 13.3%
  • Annual financial savings: £24,823
  • Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide saved: 102.2 tCO2



Savings in the total electricity consumption of the hotel have exceeded the guaranteed percentage of 9.1% by 4.2% with the installation also saving 13.7% in maximum demand (KVA).

View the Case Study PDF Here


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