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Kirklees Council


Kirklees Council has established a vigorous carbon reduction scheme in aid of lowering the carbon emissions produced through council operations. The Council are well aware of their impact on the local and global environment and commits themselves to maintaining their environmental agenda across a range of environmentally focused initiatives.


Serving as a metropolitan single tier authority, Kirklees Council covers a variety of districts spread across West Yorkshire. These include Batley, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, and Holmfirth.

Kirklees Council is the 13th biggest local authority in the UK in terms of population and the 4th not based on a major city. Having such a high level of responsibility for West Yorkshire’s adjoining districts, Kirklees Council aspires to record substantial energy savings within its tier.


Kirklees Council continuously updates its environmental policies with new challenges and targets. Having partaken in the 10:10 campaign to reduce carbon emissions by 10% in 2010, the Council have gone on to agree a 40% reduction of corporate carbon emissions by 2020.

With specific targets across a range of initiatives both in house and locally, Kirklees Council aimed to boost their reduced carbon credentials across three of its own buildings, these being Civic Centre 1, Dewsbury Town Hall and Batley Town Hall.

Powerstar were challenged to prove how their unique voltage optimisation unit would provide reduced carbon outputs at the specified sites by their 2020 target and also why their unit was worthy of selecting compared alongside competitors.


The Powerstar voltage optimisation system boasts a range of benefits, including lowering electrical consumption – saving Kwh’s, therefore lowering electricity bills, increasing life span of all electrical apparatus on site and a greatly reducing carbon emissions.

For Kirklees Council the opportunity to purchase a UK manufactured system, with a proven record of reliability and security across governmental and local authority installations was vitally important, and Powerstar met these demands.


The installations across the three Kirklees Council buildings; Civic Centre 1, Dewsbury Town Hall and Batley Town Hall took place in November 2010. Just over 18 months in, Powerstar has so far produced an average saving per site of 6.93%.

The average financial saving experienced by Kirklees Council in so far as of August 2012 is £2,705 and the average equivalent carbon not emitted annually is 11.4 tonnes.



Figure 1 below shows pre install and post install daily consumption one year apart of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system at Civic Centre 1.


Figure 2 below shows the 12 week hourly consumption pattern pre and post installation of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system at Dewsbury Town Hall.


The analysis for Batley Town Hall is based on direct comparison of energy consumption from billing data (no half hourly data was available).

Figure 3 below shows the pre and post installation of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system via the form of billing data at Batley Town Hall.

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