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Power resilience for a net zero world

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London City Hall






London City Hall is the headquarters of the Greater London Authority (GLA), located in the borough of Southwark. It houses over 600 employees, and the building itself is recognised as one of London’s most modern landmarks, standing between Tower Bridge and London Bridge on the south bank of the Thames.


The city of London has committed to reaching net zero carbon by 2030, and The GLA is similarly committed to reducing their environmental impact. The fame and popularity of London City Hall means that it is considered a flagship project on the road towards decarbonisation, meaning environmental commitment and support are considered mandatory measures of practice. The was also keen to appoint a carbon reduction partner based in the UK, but could not compromise on quality, expertise or knowledge in doing so.


Powerstar were approached by the GLA to deliver one of the most effective and credible solutions on the British market, providing the London City Hall with voltage optimisation technology that offers a substantial improvement in energy efficiency. The building was found to be experiencing significant overvoltage, meaning that voltage optimisation not only boosted sustainability and reduced energy costs, but also protected important infrastructure, including data servers, from the risk of power disruption. The project was designed, manufactured, and sourced locally within the UK.


Voltage optimisation has reduced the total electricity consumption of London City Hall by 13.6% in terms of total kWh consumption. Not only does this provide a substantial boost to reducing their carbon footprint, it also reduces the overall electricity costs associated with the building considerably.

13.6% reduction in total electricity consumption

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