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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Lowe House Health Care Resource Centre






Lowe House Health Care Resource Centre in St. Helens, Merseyside is home to the ‘Central Surgery’ part of the NHS St. Helens Clinical Commissioning Group. The surgery offers the highest standard of patient-centered healthcare and runs many clinics for chronic disease care and offer a wide variety of other medical services


According to the National Health Service’s latest report, the carbon footprint of the NHS, public health and all local authority commissioned and provided adult social services in England is estimated at 32 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent of 40% of public sector emissions in England. The 2008 Climate Change Act was introduced to ensure the UK carbon account for the year 2050 is at least 80% lower than the 1990 baseline. To protect the well-being of the UK population the NHS has set an ambitious goal to reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions across building energy use, travel and procurement of goods and services by 34% by 2020 to help ensure the 2050 goal is met.


Powerstar Voltage optimisations systems have been installed in many NHS buildings in the UK and help them save thousands of pounds and have also made each site greener. Lowe House HCRC are now saving 9% kWh and 22.6 tonnes of carbon CO2
per year. A Powerstar 288kVA voltage optimisation system was installed at the site which saw a reduction in energy consumption with significant savings achieved on the high-frequency lighting, motors with variable speed drives and a multistage chiller/compressor at the site.


The unique Powerstar system, the only voltage optimisation system with a patented design has no moving parts meaning no maintenance is required. This installation saved 22.6 tonnes of CO2 and gave an annual saving of £4,296

Annual financial savings of


and eliminated 22.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions which equates to 41,710 kWh

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The healthcare sector has by far the most critical requirement for a consistent, reliable electricity source.


Public Sector

The public sector consumes £3.4 billion of energy every year, with £1.1 billion attributed to the NHS.


Voltage Optimisation

Optimising the incoming voltage to your site to improve quality, saving energy and costs.

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