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mac, Birmingham


mac Birmingham is a lively arts centre based on the grounds of Cannon Hill Park. The facility comprises of a cinema, theatre, dance and music studios, galleries, conference facilities, a cafe/bar and shop.

The centre actively looks at ways to become more sustainable and to date have installed a 9.9 kilowatt solar PV system, upgraded lighting to low wattage LED alternatives, installed low energy hand dryers in all washrooms and have updated their sandwich packaging.


Lizzie Moran, Head of Technical Resources at mac Birmingham said: “mac Birmingham is committed to making arts an important part of people’s lives through work which pushes creative boundaries and encourages engagement with the arts on all levels.

With this in mind, mac aims to ensure its work has minimal impact on the environment, and where possible, actively promotes sustainable ways of working.”

Due to mac’s sustainably focussed ethos, the centre wanted to explore opportunities to further reduce their environmental impact, particularly around the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

Voltage optimisation technologies were identified as a viable solution that would meet their targets in addition to providing energy cost reductions. Powerstar were selected due to their market leading reputation and sustainable ethos.


With the venue being utilised 7 days a week, the challenge for the Powerstar team was to arrange the energy survey and installations without negatively impacting on the sites operations or customer experience, which they were able to deliver.


The consumption monitoring report recorded the average voltage output at 239.5V. As the voltage profile was fairly stable the Powerstar team recommended the installation of a Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation system to reduce the voltage by 15V.


Following installation, mac is projected to reduce their electrical consumption by 8.5%, which equates to an annual saving of 34.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions, furthering their sustainable contribution as a company.

View the Case Study PDF Here


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