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Manhattan Hotel, South Africa


The Manhattan Hotel in Pretoria, South Africa is an upscale New York-themed hotel and the only 3 star hotel in Pretoria with a spa. It is located 250 meters from the Pretoria Gautrain Station and easy to access via rail, car and plane.


The level of incoming voltage into the hotel was high and this negatively impacted the life span of all of the electromagnetic or induction motors and compressors in the hotel.

The facilities manager at this hotel was limited to the amount of maintenance that could be provided in order to prevent break downs and the excessive voltage power quality issue was the cause of unplanned downtime which effected their productivity.

THE SOLUTION A Powerstar voltage optimisation system was installed at the hotel to reduce the incoming voltage by 8%, bringing it line with the nominal 220/230V required by most electrical appliances. In addition, as a true voltage optimisation system Powerstar also actively cleaned and conditioned the incoming power supply, providing suppression of harmonics and transients along with improving power factor, therefore contributing to improvement in power quality issues.

Following the installation of Powerstar, hotel management recorded an average of 30% less downtime due to poor power supply.


“With regard to the actual installation, the Powerstar installers and managers were very professional and well trained. In addition the product needs no maintenance and the savings are ongoing since its installation in 2013.”

Daniel Schmidt, Maintenance Manager

  • Guaranteed kW savings: 10.41%
  • Actual Annual kWh savings: 20.71%
  • Actual Annual kVA savings: 32.71%


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