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Marine Laboratory Scotland


Aberdeen’s FRS Marine Laboratory is a base dedicated to researching fisheries and aquaculture.


Since set up of the Marine Laboratory in 1923, the site has increased considerably in size. The Marine Lab features a proportionate amount of specialist features and facilities that enables them to carry out their fish related, aqua cultural, disease and pollution studies.


With the spatial expansion of their premises and the increase in specialist equipment, the Marine Lab have seen an increase in their electricity costs as the years have passed.

The Lab sought a fast and reliable solution to reduce their carbon output emissions with the added advantage of saving money on electricity bills, without negatively affecting the operations on site, and identified voltage optimisation as an ideal solution.


Powerstar were chosen due to their engineering expertise and project led approach which was demonstrated when dealing with the challenge of the unusual location requirements for the unit.

The system had to be located outside, and fit within a specific storage unit. Sourcing an off the shelf system, imported from overseas would not have suited the site, but Powerstar, a system fully designed and manufactured in the UK, were able to work with site engineers to tailor a bespoke unit built for onsite conditions.


Following the installation of the Powerstar unit, the Marine Lab are saving 11.9% of annual electricity consumption and saving 185.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

  • Guaranteed percentage savings of kWh 10.2%
  • Actual percentage savings of kWh 11.9%
  • Annual kWh savings 353,397 kWh
  • Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide saved annually 185.4 CO2 tonnes

View the Case Study PDF Here


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