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MI Dickson






The largest family-owned food manufacturer and retailer in the Northeast of the UK, M I Dickson are passionate about creating their own selection of the finest quality products. Since 1953, M I Dickson have prided themselves on attention to detail, a respect for tradition, and a taste for the new.

Over three generations their business has grown to more than 30 shops and they are now the north-east region’s largest family-owned provider of meat and food products.

MI Dicksons


M I Dickson are passionate, with a genuine sense of community, and are keen to support recognised group initiatives and charities local to the areas in which they operate. Annually, the company offers a group of chosen charities a grant from The Dickson Fund.

As part of their commitment to the local community, M I Dickson were seeking ways to be more efficient with their energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Any solutions provided to achieve this could not cause prolonged downtime to operations and must provide demonstrable reductions to both energy costs and CO2 emissions.


Powerstar was commissioned to perform an initial inspection of one of their sites to evaluate opportunities to reduce energy costs. The site was found to have unstable and higher than necessary voltage supply, inflating energy costs and carbon emissions.

Voltage optimisation technology was identified as a viable solution that would meet their objectives. VO-MAX was selected because of its ability to dynamically regulate the incoming voltage level rather than just by a set amount like many Voltage Optimisation Solutions. This solution also offers online remote monitoring capabilities, providing M I Dickson with access to an online portal that displays the performance of the system in real-time. This means the benefits of the technology are easily demonstrated at any time.


Based on the same 35-day period exactly 1 year apart, the consumption of this site has decreased by over 8,000 kWh after the VO-MAX installation, despite the production volume being increased by almost 10%.

To give an accurate representation of savings, the consumption per tonne of product has been calculated for both the pre and post-install periods. With the Powerstar VO-MAX unit, the site uses 52.8 kWh fewer per tonne of product.

This equates to a consumption saving of 13.0% per tonne of production. Due to the success of the Powerstar Voltage Optimisation solution, M I Dickson are now considering rolling out this solution to 29 of their remaining stores.


reduction in energy consumption

the consumption of this site has decreased by over

8,000 kWh

despite production volume increasing by almost 10%

Customer Testimonial

“Powerstar were great throughout this process. From explaining how the technology worked, throughout installation and into verifying the savings we were making. A great company to partner with if you’re looking to reduce your energy consumption.”

Chris Hayman, Managing Director, M I Dickson Limited

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