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The European based mining quarry which installed Powerstar deals with the production of sand and gravel for the construction industry and was formed in 1977.

The Challenge

The company was looking to reduce it’s energy consumption on site to help save on energy costs but also reduce it’s carbon footprint and help bring the voltage on site in line with what is required.

The Solution

The installation was completed with minimum disruption to operations. Since the installation, there have been no detrimental affects to any of the equipment, or on-site processes as a result of the installation.

The Quarry has also benefited from a reduction in maintenance costs and failures of electrical equipment such as lighting etc as a result of reducing the over-voltage into the site.

Savings and Benefits

Key Figures
  • Daily energy Consumption Prior to Install: 17,643 kWh
  • Daily energy Consumption After Install: 15,709 kWh
  • Daily savings in Energy Consumption: 1,934 kWh
  • Total Energy Consumption Saving: 11%


View the Case Study PDF Here


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