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National Metalforming Centre


Based in the West Midlands the National Metalforming Centre is the home to both the Confederation of British Metalforming together with a number of engineering bodies and is a conference venue. EMSc were charged with the task of helping to reduce energy consumption at the site through the Powerstar voltage optimisation system.


The National Metalforming Centre in West Bromwich in the Midlands prides itself on its smart, contemporary and friendly ambience. Its conference facilities and in-house catering service have attracted an impressive client list. The building is also home to the Confederation of British Metalforming – the leading trade association for UK manufacturers of fasteners, forgings and pressings.


During the test period the average daily electricity consumption at the National Metalforming Centre was running at 610kWh. Voltage levels were fluctuating between 240V and 255V. The challenge was to identify the level of voltage reduction and optimisation that could be achieved on the supply to the Centre and the resulting level of savings in electricity consumption.


Powerstar provided the ideal solution. A voltage optimisation of 8% on the incoming supply achieved a reduction of 21% in electricity consumption and costs. The installation of one Powerstar unit enabled a reduction in the average daily electricity consumption from the previous 610kWh level to 500kWh.


The 21% reduction in total electricity consumption provided the National Metalforming Centre with a cost saving of £3,000 per annum. In addition there are also savings in the maintenance and replacement costs to equipment on the site from matching the voltage more closely to the original design characteristics. The Centre has also reduced its carbon footprint by using less energy.


“The purpose of this project was to reduce our energy consumption at the National Metal Forming Centre. This has been achieved with the installation of the Powerstar which has cut our energy costs by 21%.”

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