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Newburgh Precision


Newburgh Precision, is part of the Newburgh Engineering brand and are one of the premiere contract manufacturing companies in the UK. Newburgh Engineering was founded 75 years with Newburgh Precision launching in early 2014, based at their new 85,000 sq ft facility in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.


Newburgh were actively looking to reduce waste in any form across their entire operations with a strong commitment to identifying and controlling their environmental impact and improving their environmental performance. This is shown with being accredited to ISO 14001 and Newburgh were keen to install a environmental management system that had guaranteed results with minimal impact on operations during installation.


Powerstar presented their findings with a cost value analysis and feasibility study to Newburgh Precision following a full site survey. With guaranteed savings of 7%, proof of minimal disruption and prime examples of how voltage optimisation in engineering works, Powerstar Lite 1000kVA Voltage Optimisation Unit was installed on site.


Key Figures
  • Reduction in energy consumption: 10.0%
  • Annual financial savings: £14,079
  • Return on Investment: 3 Years 2 Months
  • kWh savings per annum: 156,361kWh


Since installation, there has been a reduction in motor drive failures due to over voltage and quality of the electricity supply has improved the return on investment.

View the Case Study PDF Here


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