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Nick’s Foods SPAR, King William’s Town, South Africa


Since its inception as a food and drinks retailer in the 1960’s, SPAR has expanded to become a company that also operates multiple distribution centres which supply goods and services to over 1,000 SPAR stores across Southern Africa.

SPAR constantly strives to source the best quality products at affordable prices and prides itself on providing fresh produce at great value.

It believes in tasking itself with the objective of consistently meeting the individual needs of every customer in a caring and inviting environment.


As a food and drinks retailer, each SPAR store operates a wide variety of electrical equipment from lighting and temperature controls to refrigeration.

Due to extended operating hours, the stores experience high electricity costs as a result of their high electricity consumption. This was a problem affecting the Nick’s Foods SPAR in King William’s Town.

The company’s ethos is heavily focused on customer and community satisfaction, so it strives to reduce its impact on the environment and promote sustainable and responsible business operations.

Therefore, Nick’s Food SPAR invited Powerstar South Africa to carry out a site evaluation and recommend an energy saving solution to reduce the store’s overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Following a thorough site evaluation, load analysis and voltage monitoring, it became apparent that the site had an excessively high and unstable voltage supply leading to inflated electrical consumption and costs.

The Powerstar South Africa team recommended the installation of Powerstar MAX, a variable voltage optimisation solution, to reduce consumption and stabilise the incoming voltage.


Following the reduction and stabilising of the incoming voltage, the store is achieving an annual reduction in electricity consumption of 18.9%, exceeding the guaranteed savings.

As a result, the electrical equipment at Nick’s Food SPAR is working closer to an optimum voltage for its electrical equipment, reducing wear and tear and extending the longevity of the equipment.

  • Actual Annual kW savings: 18.9%
  • Annual kWh savings: 403,151


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