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Power resilience for a net zero world

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North East Lincolnshire Council






North East Lincolnshire Council is responsible for the Cleethorpes, Grimsby and North East Lincolnshire Districts.


As the representative authority for three areas, the council is keen to play a leading role in successfully reducing its carbon footprint and energy costs. Powerstar were challenged to demonstrate how voltage optimisation could practically and economically reduce the annual electricity consumption at the councils head office facility


The Powerstar team carried out a site evaluation, data logging and half-hourly meter reading analysis to determine the best solution for the office facility. A Powerstar voltage optimisation system was recommended to not only optimise the incoming voltage to closely match onsite electrical equipment, but also clean and control the incoming power supply to protect against harmonics, transients and power spikes.


The installation of Powerstar actively reduced annual electricity consumption at the council’s offices by 24.72% per year, a reduction of 57,853kWh. This equates to a financial saving of £6,094 per year. In addition, due to the Powerstar system effectively tackling the damaging power quality issues, the council has also benefited from reduced maintenance costs

Annual AVERAGE energy consumption reduction of


and reduced Usage by 57,853 kWh saving £6,094

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