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North East Lincolnshire Council


North East Lincolnshire Council is keen to reduce its carbon footprint and has recently released its Environmental Sustainability Framework. Furthermore the Council is in the process of implementing a carbon management plan that will help reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to their efforts of tackling climate change. The Council regards tackling the causes of climate change as serious business, as not only does saving energy and carbon have positive effects on the environment, but also economises the way in which the Council uses the publics’ money.


North East Lincolnshire Council is responsible for the Cleethorpes, Grimsby and North East Lincolnshire districts. The Council is set amongst an ideal location for both business and pleasure due to its smooth balance of coast and countryside. One major sector in the North East Lincolnshire region is renewable energy, a sector which The Council regards as positively beneficial for the local area.


As the representing authority of three a joining areas, the Council is keen to play a leading role in successfully reducing its carbon footprint and energy costs without such means affecting the functioning of equipment. Powerstar’s challenge was to impress The Council with their ability of achieving The Councils aims to the highest capabilities, proving that they are the most economical and practical solution to their problems.


When EMS was brought on board it soon became apparent that Powerstar was the most compatible solution for The Council’s aims. Not only would Powerstar control The Councils incoming voltage supply, effectively increasing their energy savings and lowering their CO2 emissions, Powerstar would also ensure that The Council is protected against damaging transients (power spikes) and expensive maintenance costs. Following an in depth site survey, The Council is now on its way to reaching Powerstar’s prediction of saving 24.72% of eligible energy.


Over the course of a year The Council is set to save 57,853kwh and £6,094 off its annual electricity bill. Such a considerable reduction in kwh’s will set North East Lincolnshire Council on a promising path of becoming a more green, eco friendly Local Authority.

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