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Number Ten Manchester Street Hotel





Ten Manchester Street Exterior

Ten Manchester Street is a boutique hotel in Marylebone, London. The hotel is part of the City and Country Hotels Group which includes The Wellesley in Knightsbridge, The Royal Hotel, Cardiff and The Wyck Hill House Hotel and Spa in Gloucestershire. The Ten Manchester Street is a four star hotel and has 44 unique bedrooms housed in a beautiful Edwardian building.


The City and Country Hotel Group was seeking a way to reduce their energy consumption as part of their corporate and social responsibility. The group prides itself on luxury and uncompromising service and reducing energy can be a difficult task. For example a hotel may look to encourage guests to reuse towels and shampoo but at the same time, customers expect a certain level of quality and service based on where they stay. The hotel was looking for a proven and reliable energy saving system that had minimal disruption to operations and did not have a negative effect on customer experience.


A Powerstar 179kVA voltage optimisation system with circuit protection was installed on site providing overall energy consumption reduction of 21.4% which was 13.2% higher than the guaranteed saving of 8.2%. Considerable savings were made on the air conditioning units and catering facilities.


“We are highly delighted with the service provided from Powerstar and the great savings we have received with such a low payback period.”

Jason Dalgarno, Maintenance Manager


Along with the overall benefits of a greener business with significantly reduced energy costs, the hotel has saved 44.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum with a reduction of 85,499kWh per year. This equates to a 21.4% saving on Energy costs and payback under a year.


Reduction in annual energy consumption
A payback period of only 10 months
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