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OLAM International

Olam International is a leading agri-business operating from seed to shelf in 65 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 13,600 customers worldwide. In 2011 Olam acquired Britannia Food Ingredients, one of the leading independent specialty fats suppliers to the UK confectionery and snack food industries


Olam are proactive in terms of being sustainable and environmentally friendly across their entire operations. The Olam site in Goole had a high level of voltage output and was looking for a quick, easy and simple solution to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their Carbon Emissions targets.



Olam was actively seeking solutions that would help them achieve their carbon reduction targets. Powerstar proved to be the most effective solution to help achieve carbon emission targets when considered against other viable alternatives. Powerstar was selected not only due to its effectiveness in reducing carbon emissions but also because the technology is a full-site solution, offering savings on total electricity consumption.

As a result, Powerstar was selected to be installed initially, with other viable solutions benchmarked for installation at a later date to provide additional savings on top of those afforded by Powerstar voltage optimisation.


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Here at Olam we are constantly looking for way in which to improve our overall impact on the environment. We were looking for a quick, effective and simple solution to reduce our carbon emissions here at our site in Goole. Meeting with Powerstar we found them to be excellent in collating comprehensive information from site surveys and providing a thorough proposal on what savings we could make through voltage optimisation and how we could meet out CO2 targets.

Our carbon and electrical savings have been fantastic, much higher than the savings that were initially guaranteed by Powerstar. The installation process was quick with minimal disruption to our operations.

Andrew Cowling, Site Engineer at Olam International


Guaranteed savings of 8.7% was given to Olam and this was beaten by 5.4%. Achieving 14.1% kWh annual savings, a significant amount resulting in much greater electricity and CO2 emissions savings than was first anticipated. this is the equivalent of 203.1tonnes of carbon emissions.

Following the installation Olam also found that the correct voltage lessened the wear and tear to onsite machinery and equipment


Annual kWh saving

203.1 tonnes

annual CO2 emissions savings
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