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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Packaging Company






This global leader in the packaging industry has operations in over 40 countries and 250 sites worldwide. The size and scope of the company means that it is exceptionally conscious of its sustainability credentials and produces an annual sustainability report to showcase its commitment.

The Challenge

The energy-intensive nature of their production processes and ageing high-voltage infrastructure meant that the company were consuming high amounts of electricity, with a subsequent impact on energy bills and their sustainability performance. The intensive nature of the business also makes it vulnerable to power disruption, which becomes a steadily increasing risk as key energy infrastructure becomes outdated.

The Solution

A comprehensive site review identified two areas for improvement. Powerstar replaced three ageing, cold-rolled grain oriented (CRGO) transformers with new amorphous core, low loss transformers, using highly efficient materials to dramatically reduce losses during magnetisation and demagnetisation. Ageing transformers inevitably suffer increased losses, meaning the replacement meant better energy efficiency, lower energy bills and better sustainability.

These transformers also incorporate our voltage optimisation technology, further reducing costs, consumption and carbon emissions by conditioning incoming high and low voltages and supplying on-site equipment with conditioned, optimised power.

The Result

As well as significant cost savings and improvements in energy efficiency, the three transformers and voltage regulation technology delivered an annual reduction in carbon emissions of 400 tonnes, a significant reduction that the packaging company were able to report on in their annual sustainability statement.

400 tonnes of CO2 eliminated annually

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